Bid Management & Support

Expert Guidance and Project Support...

Work Winning Strategy and Philosophy

Our inclusive bid management service provides a comprehensive solution to suit bespoke business requirements. At NTTX, we take great care in working alongside clients from across many sectors, in their development of compliant, winning bids. We have learned from bid work over more than the last 30 years' across multiple sectors, what elements comprise bidding best practice. We generally apply a Shipley style approach and background to our bid work (Shipley Proposal Guide ISBN 978-0-9714244-6-3 refers) as we have found this to be both time efficient and productive in term of strong delivery.


We also acknowledge that an equal focus on all aspects of the bid development are essential for the best results. These range from initial research, through “key/win theme” development and into the finalised bid submission; our expertise encompasses the following; bid research and background, evaluation of competitors strengths and weaknesses, development of “bid winning” themes, did writing and management aligned with bid requirements, case study development, CV development, specific focus of key topics: TUPE/ HR, H&S, security, sustainability, document management, reputational risk management, governance, mobilisation, executive summary and bid presentation preparation, graphics/pictures and bid submission


An area where NTTX have received significant positive feedback from clients over an extended period is our appetite to seek out features within our bid work that will catch the interest of the bid evaluation team – and therefore score more positively than the competition. Customised for your business and project needs; our approach, backed by Non Disclosure Agreements, is fast, flexible and effective, geared to managing tenders and bids from fruition to completion. The prerequisite for any tender management and delivery programme, is the absolute requirement to understand your business, both culturally and operationally. Our team(s) will engage with internal stakeholders and decision makers as part of the initial Bid Strategy development, and periodically thereafter, to maintain an aligned methodology.

A "6 - Stage" Bespoke Approach - Bid Writing and Management

Overall strategy, win themes, story-line, bid plan, customer advocacy, value propositioning, team coordination and bid compliance; this forms the core of bid management process. Our work is of the highest quality and will stand out from competitor bids, in so being our levels of success far exceed industry norms, with a 100% success rate in certain areas; enabling a total 98% success rate across all sector bids.

Strategy Workshops

To kick off a project, NTTX holds a strategy workshop to develop a winning strategy for the bid.  These workshops involve bringing together key stakeholders (bid sponsor, opportunity lead, bid manager) to discuss client needs and workshop solution elements.

Design & Layout


From assisting with template design to detailed formatting, we make sure all documentation is polished, easy to read and indexed correctly. With our design and layout help, tender response documentation are provided to differentiate from the competition and thereby surpass expectations.

Planning & Project Management


Before the actual writing comes the planning. We assist with planning bids and preparing for the writing process. We also provide bid management throughout the course of the project, ensuring the process goes smoothly and the bid is ready for submission before the deadline.

Presentation and Preparation

To ensure the final client presentation is every bit as convincing as the bid, we assist with preparing for the all-important presentation(s). Services include developing slide decks, revising the Solution Overview and providing a presentation script. In addition, we provide coaching to prepare presenters for effective delivery.

Writing & Editing

NTTX assists with writing & editing tender response documents, whether you need help with overall messaging, details or both. Writers work closely with business owners to develop draft responses, to accurately reflect company values and answer the requisite questions effectively.

Periodic Reviews

NTTX provides review packages, from basic proof-reading and editing to full-service packages which include planning and detailed final quality review to capture spelling, grammar and layout errors. We ensure that your final response is on-message, free of errors and ready for submission. In addition we prepare presentation material for your governance processes and various levels of sign off, prior to bi submission.