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Sarah is a highly skilled and experienced risk and asset management consultant with a career spanning over 25 years. Sarah specialises in the development of risk policy and in the practical application of risk based management techniques to assist clients in meeting their objectives whether they are asset, process or programme related.


Sarah has extensive experience in risk assessment techniques including:


  • Target, criteria and requirements definition.

  • Application of functional models in design optimisation and in support of risk strategies and risk budgeting.

  • Development of Excel bespoke risk management tools.

  • Development of risk policy and risk management strategies.

  • Development of risk based assurance frameworks.

  • Logical modelling techniques and construction of models suitable for incorporation into strategic risk, tactical risk and asset management.

  • Extensive experience in the application of assessment tools and techniques (e.g. hazard logs, risk matrices, fault trees and event trees).

  • Development of cost benefit analysis methods and application in order to assist companies in the demonstration that risks are “as low as is reasonably practicable” (ALARP) and in making business decisions.

  • Business Impact Analysis.

  • Business Continuity.

  • Decision support and analysis of complex situations to find a path through to a workable solution.

  • Facilitation of workshops, review sessions, etc with the aim of achieving customer and project requirements.



  • NEBOSH Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety

  • Member of Institute of Risk Management

  • Member of Institute of Asset Management

  • BSc Honours Chemistry Durham University



  • Manager of safety risk assessment and risk management strategy for the LUL Flood Mitigation Project. Involvement from January 1993 to present date.

  • Data collection, analysis and risk support to the uncertainty modelling of Network Rail’s all asset Industry Investment Plan.

  • Safety certification and safety authorisation support to Go-Ahead.

  • Bid Risk Manager for the Stagecoach TPE Bid Team.

  • Development of the risk management process to support Keolis’s bid to operate the Crossrail concession. Risks were gathered and measured in terms of value and percentage profit consumption. 

  • Requirements analysis and development for civil asset management IT solution including working with providers to facilitate the most successful solution implementation: Network Rail

  • Development and authoring of the Govia application for safety certificate and authorisation for the TSGN franchise.

  • Development and authoring of the application for safety certificate and authorisation for the Keolis West Coast Bid.

  • Development and authoring of the application for safety certificate and authorisation for the Keolis West Coast Bid.

  • Development of a business risk management strategy for the Southeastern high speed rail franchise. 

  • Risk advice to Go-Ahead group as part of the South Central franchise.

  • Risk and business continuity review for SDG as part of the NTTX Strategic Review Project.

  • Flooding Risk Modelling of as built design and design stages throughout project. Victoria Station Upgrade Project, London Underground Limited.

  • Development of a business and safety risk model for underbridges to evaluate tolerability of current risk and cost benefit of options for improvements in safety and business performance/continuity. Irish Rail.

  • Development and implementation of a Risk Model for cross evaluation of civil assets. Risk assessment process at strategic and tactical level for railway civil structures; focused on business interruption and safety risk.  

  • Development and application of a risk framework for assessing options for step free access at stations.  

  • Development of a risk based inspection frequency method for civil assets. Tube Lines Limited

  • Development of a civil asset tactical risk model for MRSSL Alliance. Project including training and certification of users.

  • Escalator replacements at Bank and Charing Cross; Risk assessment to arrive at the optimum end solution and the most cost beneficial method of implementation. LUL family

  • Support in development of risk assessments and risk approaches as part of the King’s Cross Underground Station Redevelopment. LUL Family.

  • Risk assessment study to categorise and rank elements of the signalling and telecommunication system according to contribution to safety; risk budgeting. Several elements were considered such as signals, interlocking, level crossings, etc.  Risk assessment of trackside residual voltage effects. Network Southeast

  • Risk advice, hazard identification, structured brainstorming, safety justification, business risk/cost analysis: Balfour Beatty, South Central Trains, Major Projects Heathrow Express Solutions Team, Engineering Link, Network Southeast, Manchester Tram Extension.


  • Development of a method for valuation of risk assessment advice (for all risk categories). Shell Tanker and Shipping Company.

  • Development of a risk based system for P&O Cruises/Princess Cruises. Work completed includes advice on strategy, functional modelling, target setting, hazard identification, development of control options and development of a cost benefit analysis method. Manex work is now ongoing with Carnival Cruises.

  • Development of an infrastructure risk model. P&O Cruises (now Carnival Cruises).

  • Development of a spares optimisation policy for a major ferry operator. Consideration given to potential failure rates and consequences through life and potential spares holding options (central/local) and their relative costs.


Other business sectors: 

  • Business Impact Analysis and development of a risk strategy/ model for EHV Network management. Tool developed to evaluate downtime so that business continuity could be maintained through effective outage planning. CE Electric.

  • Risk management related work within the electricity business sector, production of a safety justification for hands on live line working for a regional electricity company.

  • Decision analysis within the nuclear industry concerning options for management of waste. Project included consideration of technical, political, public perception issues, etc and their relative values compared to the costs of each option.

  • Nuclear work in the field of fuel behaviour, estimation of waste arisings and through life economic assessment.