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Dr Gary Bamford


Gary has considerable management and technical experience related to evaluation of changes and risks when implementing new or improved systems designs and integration of new technologies into businesses. Primary skills and areas of expertise include: -

  • Risk management, including business continuity planning, project/programme risk management and change management activities. Experience in the use of Active Risk Manager (ARM) software.

  • System performance evaluations, involving cost benefit analyses and business impact assessments (e.g. Train Delay modelling, Communication System Outages).

  • System engineering, including programme management, requirements management, systems modelling and development of safety and systems engineering plans.

  • Software engineering, including the design and development of real time systems and assessment of reliability, safety and assurance issues related to their operation.

  • Requirements management particularly related to managing computer systems and software requirements. Experienced in the use of the requirements capture tool DOORS.

  • Business process outsourcing, including modelling of business processes/services and evaluation of the risks involved in outsourcing of these processes and services.



·      PhD Particle Physics

·      BSc (Hons 1) Physics

·      CEng 

·      FBCS 



  • Development of the ARCADIS UK Technical Knowledge and Innovation department whose aim is to link to client development and provide a forward look at technologies that clients will need to ensure they are part of the business offering and a check on delivery to ensure innovative and quality are integral to ARCADIS projects.

  • Executive Director of the ARCADIS Infrastructure and Water division within AUK for 4 years consisting of 150 full time staff.

  • Developed the Vectra Risk Management business unit. The aim was to create self-sufficient London based business unit with a focus on risk management activities within the oil and gas and rail markets. Over a period of 3 years the unit was grown from nothing to £5m turnover.

  • Founder member of the AEA Technology Risk Solutions business whose goal was to develop a broader management consulting offering based upon the technical skills and products available within the business. This business was subsequently spun off from AEA Technology and has now become a standalone entity.

  • Product development including consequence models for fire and evacuation scenarios and containment filtering related to nuclear reactor failure modes. This work involved development of the BUSCA bubble scrubbing algorithm and the ICARUS burn injury code that became the MoD standard for evaluating protective clothing design.

  • Development and management of the University of Florida APEX Astrophysics Laboratory. The aim of the lab was to develop new and innovative nuclear detector technologies. One project was to develop a low energy gamma detector and data acquisition system, which was successfully deployed on a satellite as part of the Mars Observer programme.