A health and safety professional with extensive board level experience gained through director level positions in large high-profile organisations. Julian is a chartered safety practitioner and is called upon as an adviser to a wide and diverse range of industries.


After almost 35 years in the transport industry, where he held a number of senior positions including Board Member for Health and Safety for the Tube Lines consortium and Director of Safety and Compliance for Network Rail, Julian leapt at the opportunity to take on the role of Health and Safety Director for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games where he was inducted into the Olympic Order for his outstanding contribution to the London 2012 Games. A further medal winning opportunity arose with the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games where Julian again led the development and delivery of the Health and Safety Strategy in his role as Health and Safety Director.

He specialises in developing risk based strategic programmes for large organisations, working with director teams and regulators to facilitate understanding on how best to achieve a health and safety culture best suited to the individual needs of specific organisations. He has a wide range of contacts across industries and in the various regulatory bodies with whom he actively works with to ensure that solutions are practical, acceptable and aligned to best practice.


  • Corporate membership of ‘The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport’

  • Chartered Member of ‘The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health’

  • Loss Control Institute Atlanta, GA, USA, Modern Safety Management

  • Higher National Certificate in Business Studies


  • Led the Tube Lines consortium Health and Safety Team in securing the contract to manage the London Underground Limited Infrastructure on the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly Lines under the Government inspired Private Finance Initiative. This led to his role as Board Member for Health and Safety.

  • Led the Health and Safety Team in the Network Rail bid to take the failed Railtrack Organisation out of ‘Railway Administration’. Railtrack’s record of multi-fatality rail accidents was a key contributor to their demise and Health and Safety (workforce and travelling public) was a prerequisite of the successful bid. Subsequent to the successful bid process, he was appointed as Network Rail Director for Health and Safety Change, presiding over the development and implementation of the approach outlined in the bid. This involved instilling the right values and behaviours within the former Railtrack workforce (direct and contractor).

  • Director of Safety Compliance at Network Rail, where he presided over the implementation and assurance of the systems, processes, attitudes and behaviours that resulted in the safest period in GB railways history. During this time, he was elected as vice president of the World Union of Railways (UIC) Safety and Security Platform where he played a key leadership role in the development and implementation of European Rail Legislation and World-Wide best practice. He served two terms of office on an open election basis. He also led the development of and played a key role in the establishment of the UK Rail Safety and Standards Board (leading its formation and subsequently serving on its high-level committees).

  • Led the development of a Health and Safety culture for the delivery of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Recognised as possibly the safest Games in history he was inducted into the ‘Olympic Order’ for his outstanding contribution to the Olympic Movement ‘helping people to do exciting things safely rather than stopping people doing exciting things on grounds of health and safety’. This approach silenced many critics of the health and safety regime in the UK and attracted plaudits from both Health and Safety Regulators and a concerned Government.

  • Led the development of a Health and Safety culture for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games where he achieved success in assisting the Health and Safety Executive (UK Regulatory body) in the documentation of best practice for use elsewhere in the ‘Events’ Industry and Industry in general.