The integrity of your brand is everything...

NTTX have been providing marketing services for over two decades, from the commencement of our dynamic client engagement processes we seek to develop unique strategies formulated from a deep understanding of the client business.

Through several target driven workshops with decision makers and influencers, we devise your corporate marketing strategy geared to developing corporate brand awareness whilst ensuring marketing penetration and market skimming initiatives run in tandem with the growth objectives of the business.  


Our investigation starts with the brand and the market. Deep diving into an organisations brand, as well as their objectives, enables us to uncover opportunities and develop a strategic roadmap for success.


The team comprises the perfect blend of analytical logic, creative thinking, innovation and commercially orientated practitioners with a depth of experience. Primarily working with the SME sector, from business start-up’s to established medium sized entities, our aim is to provide a cost effective solution to the development of Value Propositions to establishing campaigns and strategies that are geared to the budgets and aspirations of the client business.


Our suite of services encompasses predominantly four areas:


Brand & Design

Brand identity says everything about you. It’s what makes you recognisable to your customers, how you connect with them and build lasting relationships. Strong branding can make or break you whatever your industry.

We work closely with clients to create and define brand identity, establishing the visions, mission and core values in unique brand architecture packages. Whether you’re posting on social media, sending an email or flashing business cards, we’ll make your brand powerful, fresh and instantly recognisable.



Market entry and development strategies serve to create valuable SMART orientated principles that, when adopted, will focus internal and external energy on time driven outcomes which will determine the success, or otherwise, of the marketing alignment initiatives.


Development covers many aspects of the marketing mix, such as the four P’s – product, process, price, promotion. Each element of the mix is utilised in the strategy and related service/product development plans; aspects of the marketing mix include target marketing and social media campaigning to development of value propositions etc. A vital element of all development activity is the availability of a professional web site.

“A website is the window to your business”; from eCommerce websites to landing pages, we create eye-catching designs and faultless user journeys. We develop websites that showcase businesses whilst putting the user experience first, remember more than three ‘clicks’ away to get to the desired information, and you’ve effectively lost a potential client!

We ensure our sites are updated regularly, all our websites are responsive, content managed and secure as standard, with innovation built-in to make websites better and easier to use.


The overall strategy will be determined by the ambitions and resources of the business; therefore, growth must be geared to resource availability strategies and supplier/partner engagement. The marketing strategy effectively gives strength to the operational element of the business.

It is essential when developing the marketing strategy, we engage tried and trusted methodologies and gearing to ensure profitable growth – however great the strategy, the ‘leaking bucket’ syndrome, as a result of un-resourced growth is poison to brand integrity!  

Campaigns & Planning

Whether it’s online, offline or fully integrated, a strong campaign really can be a game changer for a brand.


Beginning with a deep dive into the audience and competitors, we create innovative campaigns aimed at delivering results; campaigns are memorable, creative and dynamic. We develop creative concepts using powerful key messages that resonate with the target audience.


Implementation of the campaign follows numerous time-based and targeted start points and overlaps; whether digital or social targeting campaigns derived from paid search and social media to emails, high-quality print brochures and leaflets, we develop and initiate the campaign and track performance in line with pre-determined and agreed outcomes.

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