Service Centre

Professional data management and support facility...

In order to maintain an overall view of specific services whilst ensuring our clients' have and receive up to date knowledge of issues and tasks, we have developed an in-house service centre to act as a centralised communication function. Backed with industry leading data capture and and distribution software the Service Centre team will be the first level of contact for all aspects of our service related offerings.

The Service Centre is at the heart of our NTTX support division. It comprises a dedicated team focused on call handling, task/case management and project administration, ensuring we continue to provide our customers the premium service.

Operating through bespoke contract SLAs and KPIS, the service centre also includes a haldesk facility which provides services required manage facilities and asset management enquiries and jobs, providing an end to end first-class customer experience.


All facilities management tasks are managed through our CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) system, which includes a dedicated telephone number; dedicated email address; access to our self-service portal to log calls; and tailored management information (MI) reporting.

Managing tasks and digital communications

Our clients can choose who has access to the self-service portal. These users can:

  • manage tasks online

  • enable email or SMS notifications to staff

  • manage their work on devices such as tablets 

Telephone-based helpdesk

Our standard solution delivers professional subject matter experts on all aspects of service delivery and reporting:

  • log requests and initiate actions

  • provide facilities information to staff

  • Book and update training courses

  • communicate between your organisation, us and any third-party contractors

  • provide a single point of contact for all service providers

  • see requests through to completion, and

  • keep the client up to date at every step of the process.

Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM)

Our CAFM system also includes a comprehensive 24-hour helpdesk service which integrates with existing procedures. The helpdesk will:

  • log requests and initiate actions

  • communicate between you, us and any third-party contractors for any emergency activity.

Our CAFM system is hosted by us and is web-enabled and compatible with mobile devices so there’s no need for you to be on our network.

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